دستگاه پنل بر افقی مدل HKL 500

The right saw for cutting panels horizontally in the crafts sector: attractively priced, efficient and upgradeable.

The HPP 200 offers you exactly what you need in a woodworking shop to cut panels horizontally: plenty of power, precision and flexibility. That’s because this well-equipped saw can easily be upgraded at any time. You remain flexible and get a cutting solution that can grow in line with your requirements.


Very good price/performance ratiocheckMark 4048

Very good price/performance ratiocheckMark 4048

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اطلاعات فنی

مشخصات فنی:

ماکزیمم ارتفاع تیغ اره


ابعاد برش دستگاه


ماکزیمم سرعت حرکت ارابه اصلی

80 -120 m/min

قدرت موتور اره اصلی

10.2 -12.5 hp

قدرت موتور اره خط زن


ابعاد دستگاه برای سایز 3800 میلیمتر


وزن تقریبی دستگاه

















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